The Merchant Brand

At Groupon, we’re driven by the same kind of passion our merchants feel for their businesses. When creating merchant facing assets, use this guide to share our unique and merchant focused message uniformly through visual and written styles.


Groupon is divided into various channels and products, and while internally, we understand these divisions, our merchants know our company as one thing— Groupon. The wordmark should appear on all collateral in order to bring brand uniformity and trust.

Clear Space

The Groupon wordmark must always be surrounded by an area which contains no competing typography or visual elements. This clear space on all sides is equal to the height/width of the “G.”

Minimum Size

To preserve recognition and readability the Groupon logo should never be reproduced at any size less than 12 pixels tall.

Color Variations

Different colors allow for different applications of the logo. When choosing a logo color, make sure the logo will appear strong on the background it is placed on. The logo should be treated as one unit and should never be altered in any way.

Color Palette

Color is a powerful way to build brand recognition and visually communicate brand values. The Groupon color palette is built around the signature green color. 


PMS: 369C
CMYK: 59 / 0 / 100 / 7
RGB: 120 / 181 / 72


CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 90
RGB: 65 / 64 / 66


PMS: Black C
CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 100
RGB: 45 / 41 / 38


CMYK: 30 / 22 / 17 / 57
RGB: 117 / 120 / 123


CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 3
RGB: 246 / 246 / 246

Project Specific Colors

Many projects are allowed their own project specific color palettes. Please seek advice from the Design Union on individual project color palettes. These color palettes must be approved by Design and Merchant Marketing before going into production.


Open Sans is the preferred typeface. Full sentences should be written in sentence case and should have end punctuation. Phrases should be in title case and no end punctuation is necessary.

Graphic Elements

Used singularly or in combination with each other, the visual assets below make it easy to identify Groupon branded materials.

Icon Set


Love Local


Peeking Cat


Merchant Icon


Merchant Photography

Photography is one of the best ways to share our merchant focused message. When searching for stock photography, or shooting your own, follow the guidelines below.

Subject Matter

Photography should always show an experience. Whether it be customers enjoying dinner or a merchant working on their craft, every image should tell a story.

Avoid imagery that doesn’t show an experience. Do not use photos with models who make eye contact with the camera, people who are not interacting with another person, or show the back of someone’s head.


All photography added to digital or print work has a wide horizontal format. Images need to be zoomed out so, that they can be cropped and zoomed to fill this wide vantage point. The best images include all the context of a subject matters environment.

Avoid imagery that it too zoomed in. Merchants like to see customers but they love to see customers in their place of business. Photography needs to show the environment in which the scene is taking place.


Our photography should show current fashion, decor, and photography styles. Groupon prides itself on discovery and relevant experiences for our consumers. In order for our consumers to view the Groupon brand as a leading curator of the best things to eat, see, do in every city we need to our photographs to reflect the look and feel of now.

Avoid imagery that has models wearing dated clothing and hair styles or decor that is not current.


Staying on trend with contemporary photography, images should look like they were shot in natural light. This makes images look fresh, airy, and current.

Avoid imagery that uses dark or unnatural lighting. Some exceptions may apply if a project is targeting late night or bar merchants.